She’s the hurricane. 

She’s all over the place. A horrible mess, nonetheless. 

They said, this will lead you nowhere

And convinced her to be lady like. 

But all she knew, was to love. 
And when she loved it slammed you right in your face, like it was a hurricane that was waiting under the bed – wanting to spread as far as it would. As much as it could. 

If she loved you, you know what I mean to say!
For there a rare few that she hates not, and loves them the best. 

And now, when the lady – like lady realises she’s not here to be ladylike,
But express, till you wait for her to undress. 

Cause, she’s got a job – destructive for the collective. 

This world calls it A hurricane.

But she’s just a beautiful mess. 


Song of life ! 

Smile is what i want to do. Smile from cheek to cheek, till the jaw hurts. 

I want to smile at you! 

This life within me – let me weave a song from you.

This will settle, no matter how dark it is

A new day, a new chapter… Just like the new golden rays, from the same old sun that rose each morning – Unhesitating and bold. 

Be my love affair, a tale that travels far

be the love, and anchor…

because that is what i wanted to be for someone,

Someone who is now miles apart. 

 I have received, all that you have given – and it’s time, I give it all back to you

Let me weave a song out of you! 

the song of life i shall call it. 

Je ne sais quoi

Someday we will meet again.
Some place else. Some place new.
And that’s when we can start it anew.

And when we both, meet anew – I’ll know.
I’ve travelled with you from a time beyond to a time now, just that this time – the time seems surreal.

I’ve known you from the stars, as they whispered your tales of being lit on a dark night – they call it full moon. I’ve known you from the plants, for you brought them their shine.

I know you from the oceans to the sweet nothings. And I will continue to know you, as we travel from here to a plane higher above.

And darling, trust me I’ll know you when I see you anew cause you are my *je ne sais qoui*